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Why Hernia Research Matters

Clinical research is an integral part of Cascade Hernia & Surgical Solutions at Meridian Surgery Center. Out of Dr. Wright’s passion for research, he has been able to employ the latest approaches for hernia repair and abdominal wall reconstructions, thus improving the quality of hernia surgery outcomes.

Dr. Wright is unique in his field of general surgery for his focus on hernia research, having founded Cascade Hernia Institute within the center to support these efforts. With thousands of laparoscopic surgeries performed and a number of articles published in reputed medical journals, Dr. Wright has become an award-winning international expert in hernia care and a top surgeon in his field.

Dr Wright has presented multiple times at the American Hernia Society International Hernia Congress (pg 104), and in 2011, Dr. Wright was awarded the Fruchard Prize for his poster, a highly regarded achievement among surgeons.

Dr. Wright’s independent research efforts are not funded by any drug company or underwritten by any institution.

Current Research Projects

Significance: Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation is effective for pain relief and decreases narcotic refills.

Investigators: Robert Wright MD, FACS; Julia Wright; Kyler Perry

(Pending Publication American Journal of Surgery)

Natural History of Inguinal Neuropathy

Hypothesis: Inguinal neuritis in hernias is similar to carpel tunnel nerve damage

Investigators: Robert Wright MD, FACS; Don Born MD, PhD, Stanford University; Jordan Landes, Troy Salisbury

Gallbladder Pathology and Pain Relief

Purpose: Investigate the significance of gallbladder pathology, including adenomyomatosis, cholesterolosis, and hyperdynamic gallbladder for patients who received a cholecystectomy.

Investigators: Robert Wright MD, FACS; Nina Thach; Haley Peffer; Kasey Temple

Histology of Inguinal Neuritis
Hypothesis: Inguinal Neuritis is similar to carpel tunnel nerve damage.
Investigators: Robert Wright, MD, FACS; Don Born, MD, PhD, Stanford University; Larissa Hurd

Patterns of Inguinal Neuritis in Recurrent Inguinal Hernia
Hypothesis: Similar pattern as with Primary Inguinal Hernia.
Investigators: Robert Wright, MD, FACS; Robert James Wright

Finding Inguinal Neuritis
Video: Instructional Presentation for World Hernia Society
Investigator: Robert Wright, MD, FACS

Publications, Presentations, Articles & Abstracts
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“Dr.Wright, and the staff are absolutely amazing. My husband had been in and out of the hospital having surgeries that stemmed from guessing and getting pushed from one doctor to another – until we found Dr.Wright, he took the time and actually found the problem.”