Hernia Research Turns Heads at California Surgery Meeting

Cascade Hernia Institute Remains at the Forefront of Research and Education

Dr. Wright and research associate Troy Saunders—a third-year medical student at Washington State University—traveled to the Pacific Coast Surgical Association’s Scientific Program Meeting in San Diego, California, last weekend to present their research on the underlying causes of hernia pain.

The research revolves around the importance of how to deal with nerves during inguinal hernia repair. The results of the study demonstrate evidence of permanent nerve damage and scarring within the nerves; this is a condition called compression neuropathy—it is frequently associated with chronic pain. Dr. Wright’s research aims to demonstrate why people develop pain in association with inguinal hernias, and to raise awareness in the surgical community of how post-op pain can be avoided during repair.

This groundbreaking research undertaken by Dr. Wright, Mr. Saunders, and Dr. Donald Born (a neuropathologist at Stanford University) represents a paradigm shift in the academic community focused on hernia repair and was well-received by the audience.

John Ryan, the retired head of the Department of Surgery at Virginia Mason in Seattle, remarked that he has been teaching residents for nearly fifty years that these nerves are normal and has been completely wrong, and that Dr. Wright’s research changes his perception of what to do with these nerves.

The chief surgeon at the Beverly Hills Hernia Center, Sharin Towfigh, M.D., also remarked that this was one of the more surprising bits of research presented at the conference and will change her management of nerves encountered during hernia repairs as well.

Dr. Wright’s research has gained traction internationally as well, and he has been invited to present his study to a global audience at the European Hernia Society’s Annual Congress 2020, which will be held in Barcelona, Spain in May. Dr. Wright is honored to be invited and excited to present his research to an internationally-diverse audience of surgeons and hernia researchers at the top of the field.

Troy is originally from Enumclaw and is one of several medical students assisting Dr. Wright with ongoing research at Cascade Hernia Institute’s mentorship program. He plans to pursue a career in surgery. The ability to communicate scientific data to a large surgical audience is a big stepping stone for him and we are very proud of his presentation at the meeting.

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Leading in Hernia Research

Dr. Wright is unique in his field of general surgery for his focus on hernia research, having founded Cascade Hernia Institute within the center to support these efforts. With thousands of laparoscopic surgeries performed and a number of articles published in reputed medical journals, Dr. Wright has become an award-winning international expert in hernia care and a top surgeon in his field. Dr. Wright’s independent research efforts are not funded by any drug company or underwritten by any institution.

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