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Consent Forms

Though Dr. Wright will cover these details with your personally, you can refer to the Meridian Surgery Center consent forms to ensure that you are informed of the details of your procedure, alternatives, benefits, risks and complications, and expected recovery time.

Contact the office to receive online access to these forms. 253.840.1999 / e-mail
(include name, e-mail, address, city, state, zip and a contact phone number)

  • Abdominal Exploration
  • Amputation
  • Anal Fissurectomy
  • Anal Fistulectomy
  • Anti Ulcer
  • Anti Relfux
  • Appendectomy
  • APR
  • Biliary Surgery
  • BX or Excision Skin or Subcutaneous Tumor
  • Central Venous Catheter
  • Chest Tube Insertion
  • Colostomy Reversal
  • Esophagectomy
  • Excision of Hemorrhoid
  • Gastrojejunostomy
  • Gastrostomy Placement
  • Hemorroid Rubber Band
  • I & D Abscess
  • Inguinal Hernia
  • Intestinal (Bowel) Resection
  • Jejunostomy Feeding Tube
  • Laparoscopy Hernia Repair
  • Laparoscopy Cholecystectomy
  • Liver Resection
  • Lumpectomy
  • Lumpectomy & Sentinel Node BX
  • Lymphadenectomy or Lymph Node Biopsy
  • Melanoma Resection
  • Modified Radical Mastectomy
  • Open Breast BX
  • Open Cholecystectomy
  • Pancreatic Resection
  • Parathyroidectomy
  • Partial or Total Thyroidectomy
  • Pilonidal Cystectomy
  • Placement of Chronic Indwelling Venous Access Device
  • Port Placement
  • Proctoscopy with Possible Biopsy
  • Plyoroplasty Pyloromyotomy
  • Rectum Removal
  • Removal of Foreign Body
  • Sentinal Node Biopsy Melanoma
  • Sentinal Node BX Breast CA
  • Simple Mastectomy
  • Splenectomy
  • Temporal Artery Biopsy
  • Ultrasound Guided Core Needle Breast BX
  • Umbilical Hernia Repair
  • Ventral Hernia Repair



Meridian Surgery Center and Cascade Hernia Institute are conveniently located in the heart of Pierce County, just south of Seattle and east of Tacoma, in the city of Puyallup, Wash.