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Administrative Policies

No Smoking Please

For sound medical reasons, and the comfort of others, you are asked to refrain from smoking while in our office.

Perfume / Fragrance

Please refrain from wearing perfumes or fragrances while visiting the office.

Telephone Calls

In an attempt to treat patients courteously, Dr. Wright cannot leave a patient in the examining room to answer every phone call to the office. However, please do call the office if you have a question or a concern, or if the doctor has asked you to call to receive a report on test results or medication. The Office Assistant has been trained to answer many questions by referring to your chart. If you or the Office Assistant require the doctor's opinion, you will be advised to expect a return telephone call from the doctor. Please leave specific information as to how and when you may be reached by phone.

Please remember that many diseases have similar symptoms. For this reason, most requests for treatment will require an office examination. Also, medications cannot accurately be prescribed for a problem which has not previously been evaluated.

Requests for prescription refills should be made only during office hours because your chart must be reviewed.

If you need to speak with the doctor directly, he will be available during regular office hours Monday-Friday 9:00 am to 4:30 pm to accept or return your phone call between patient visits. At other times please leave your message with the Office Assistant and your call will be returned usually by the end of the day. In case of an emergency, the doctor will return your call as soon as possible. If you have not heard from him within one hour please call again.

Patient Registration

New patients will be asked to fill out a Patient Registration Form. A portion of this information is confidential and will be released only upon your written authorization.

You may be asked to complete a MEDICAL QUESTIONNAIRE related to you medical history. These questionnaires were designed to give the doctor important information regarding the background of your problem and any previous treatment. Completion of this questionnaire gives you a chance to organize your thoughts and tell the doctor about the symptoms, history and treatment of this complaint and past illnesses, and other pertinent medical history.

Laboratory Reports

Dr. Wright will usually call you to inform you of significant abnormal laboratory results. If you have not been informed of the test results within ten days, please telephone the office. Remember, the secretarial staff is not permitted to interpret laboratory data.


For Office Calls

We request that co-pays be paid at the time of service. Our office will file claims for those patients who require operative procedures.

For Hospital Admissions and Outpatient Surgical Procedures

Should your care require hospitalization, we will make arrangements for admission. Outpatient surgical procedures are also performed in the operating suite or at one of the several area hospitals where Dr. Wright holds privileges, including but not limited to the Franciscan Hospital system, St. Joe's, St. Clare's, and Multicare at Tacoma General or Allenmore. You will receive charges from the hospital or surgery center for the use of the facility plus a separate bill from Dr. Wright for his professional services.

Insurance and Legal Forms

PLEASE bring your INSURANCE CARD with you to the office for your first visit. If a decision has been reached that you will be admitted to the Hospital for a surgical procedure, upon discharge an itemized standard Health Insurance Claim Form will be sent to your insurance company. You will be asked to sign a release and assignment of benefits for your insurance company on your first visit. We will also need you to supply us with the mailing address for your claim form. Once again statements are due, paid in full within 60 days of your hospital surgery date. We are happy to assist you with your reimbursement from your insurance company. If you have any questions or would like to make other arrangements this MUST be done before your scheduled procedure.



Meridian Surgery Center and Cascade Hernia Institute are conveniently located in the heart of Pierce County, just south of Seattle and east of Tacoma, in the city of Puyallup, Wash.